Back Again

Ahh the love affair continues with this city called Buenos Aires. For me this place is beautiful in cosmopolitan way as is a city, but because of the barrios (sections ie Ballard) has so many flavors. I am staying in Montserrat, which is an older part of town with beautiful new and old decaying buildings. […]

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San Miguel

Wow been back for a week. Just love this city…the colors…the weather…the people…the food…and the San Miguel Tango Festival. Happy Tangera. And did I say lots of tango.

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And now for the snow

Just got back to the island I live on a few days ago…and it snowed and snowed and I’ll say it again snowed. So different an experience here on an island where folks are used to the whimsical nature of the weather. Makes the place even more beautiful.

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