It’s becoming clearer

A beautiful night in Puerto Madera

Its becoming clearer, to regain a sense of normal or what used to be called normal life, it is neccesary to embrace life again by living each day fully with kindness and grace, and ultimately returning to the things we love.

The now closed Obelisco Tango from January 2020

For me this is dancing, and traveling. Eating well, drinking well and loving well. And traveling again.

Me, January 2020 atop the Guemes Dome on Florida Street

To this end, am posting a selection of my favorite photos representing a few of the experiences I have had while living in this city for 2 years now.

Flower vendor found on many street corners in Buenos Aires

As it is my intent to travel starting in May. At the moment a lot of the trip will be dependent on the world, corvid, and all those other points that intertwine in our lives.

Interior of La Poesa Cafe in San Telmo, always wonderful cofee
A rain storm in August in Palermo
The view of Recoleta cementy from a nearby bar.
The Italian club, great backyard coffee place
The defunct elevator bridge in the fog in La Boca, July
View from Palacio Barrola on Ave Major February
Portrait of the late great Evita Peron on 9 de Julio, Septiembre
Contemporary installation at the traditional Palace of Beaux Arts on Avenida de Libertador November,
One of the amazing old trees all over the city, this one is in Recoleta May
Dancing at the now closed Radio Bar in La Boca, February 2020
Another beautiful cafe, Los Viloetta, reopened in 2006 by the city as a cultural heritage spot March
Oblesco on a sunny summer day looking down Corrientes Ave. Also know as protest central, most days there is a march for or against something. It’s Argentina!
Yes that’s me and my wonderful campanio Máximo. We will be traveling together starting in May.

Yes, the world is a crazy place, so call me crazy as my feet are itchy to travel again. So with 3 vacunas in hand here we go. Thanks for reading me. Disfrutas!!!Abrazo


3 thoughts on “It’s becoming clearer

    1. Thank you for reading me. Hope you and Keith are well. And one day we will see each other, until then take good care, Abrazo


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