Shopping for food

So as the temperature has climbed so has my desire for eating more fruit. The choices are good. Whatever you purchase must be consumed in a day or two. The avocados (Palta) are amazing. The bananas are all on the edge of ripe. No green ones either unless you want plantains. The melons and watermelons […]

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Continuing to explore

Went to a new section of town to dance at the Radio Bar Museum,in La Boca. This barrio is not the safest after dark, but during the day was fine. But glad I was with my friends. Quite a place this huge collection of old radios and 2 floors to dance on…was wonderful as this […]

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Started to wonder around this huge city with different districts called Barrios. I am living in Montserrat, but 5 minutes away is San Telmo. It is a beautiful older district with more touristy atmosphere and more cafes…been looking for a cafe to call mine for breakfast and found one. It’s called La Poesia…originally from the […]

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Back Again

Ahh the love affair continues with this city called Buenos Aires. For me this place is beautiful in cosmopolitan way as is a city, but because of the barrios (sections ie Ballard) has so many flavors. I am staying in Montserrat, which is an older part of town with beautiful new and old decaying buildings. […]

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