Almost March, 2022

Sitting and waiting for my turn at my hairdresser, am struck by how quickly time is flying by. It is now almost March. The large screen TV is blaring the news in Spanish. The images are of people running, and explosions. Lots of talking heads and maps with spiffy graphics.

Today is the day Russia chose to invade the Ukraine. The stock market is in the hopper. No one is really sure what is going on. Lots of insecurity.

For the past couple of years, we only thought about the pandemic. Now we can add a war to our current reality. A war that is all about the greed of money and power and destruction…

Do we once again put our lives and travel plans on hold? It’s important to continue living and loving.

A few days later…

Rereading these words. My thoughts take a different direction. A different world condition has emerged and is reflected around me.

Last night, while walking home I stopped to look at the Russian Embassy, which is around the corner from my house. The street is barricaded and vehicle traffic is not allowed although pedestrian traffic is.

In Argentina with it’s rich history of protests, the last couple of nights there were many people protesting. Lots of on air tv and people milling around.

Tonight there are no protesters, only the remnants left…the handwritten signs. The thoughts, the expressions of care and comraderie expressed on paper. I stopped to read the signs of protest.

I will not digess into the world of political suppositions, as this is not my area of expertise. 

My area of expertise is beauty and photography. 

So as a distraction from the times some of my favorite fotos from the last couple of years living in Buenos Aires and my travels in the beautiful country.

Here’s to living!


One thought on “Almost March, 2022

  1. Love love the beautiful pictures!! Especially the last one!! Looking good you two!! And it does not surprise me that there is much support for Ukraine in BA. Our current world is obsessed with power.

    Would totally agree with you about the world¡!!! And thanks for loving my fotos, means a lot that you mention this.
    Abrazo y besos grandes


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