¡Saludos para ti!

Sitting at one of my favorites cafes in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina on a warm sunny day am writing a post on the last day of 2021. Going a little down memory lane.

As of January 11th I will be living in the city for two years. Wow, these years have raced by.

I am so grateful to be living my life in this amazing city.

Being a stranger in a new land was a bit awkward in the beginning as I didn’t speak the language or wasn’t aware of the local customs.

El Biela, one of the historical cafes

But now, am fluent in Spanish and can navigate most menus and pronounce these incredibly difficult sounding streets. Ayacucho or Purryedon.

Have come to know many great cafes for a coffee or a wine.  A local parrilla, besides my house as I have learned to panfry a steak médium rare perfectly. Know the best verdulero (green grocer) for veggies and fruits. Found a couple of great makers of Tango shoes and clothing.

Know the location of some fabulous spicy food restaurants and have come to know the staff well.

Walk an average of 3 miles a day in the city, and probably dance almost as many miles.

Have come to appreciate the small interaction with people, a nod hello, an paradonami (excuse me) when you run into someone accidentally on the street. Can hail a cab or flag a bus.

Rio Uruguay at sunrise

As this year of 2021 ends, I just wanted to let you know, I treasure our past memories and look forward to the future.

With love and kindness, here’s to happiness and lots of travels in 2022.

At the beach

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