Uruguay…but why?

Sunset at Punta del Este

Just back from another short trip.

This time we went to Uruguay to a popular beach town called Punta del Este.

Remember the borders between Argentina and Uruguay just opened, but as we learned not all borders are open. And in some cases only open to traffic going one way. Yikes

We started off early Tuesday morning as it is approximately 750 km from Buenos Aires. Driving in Argentina is a different experience than in the US. Super Highways here, are often only 2 lanes in each direction and are mostly toll roads. The speeds are generally much lower as the condition of these roads range from amazing to horrible. That said, it’s the countryside that is beautiful. Think fields of wheat, hectares of corn, fields filled with grazing cows, horses, sheep or goats. It’s all here.

In the distance…Uruguay

Driving north to the city of Gualeyguachu (took me a long time to get this right-pronounce every letter) about 3 hours.

Following lines of packed up trucks, we can to the border. As one of the only cars there, we stopped to make sure the border Bridge over the river Uruguay was open.

Drove across this very long bridge and we were in Uruguay customs and Immigration.

Now the paperwork portion of the day began. As we are both citizens of Argentina, we filled out all our forms online and saved them to our phones including PCR test, Antigen test, Vaccine records. I was surprised as we waited for a turn longer than in the line with the paperwork.. Total about 30 minutes .

Now the roadtrip continued…Uruguay is a bit different as it is a bit more hilly. Again fields of grains, cows, horse, goats and sheep. This is definitely an agrarian place with only a population of 3 5 million with a land mass the size of Washington State

Just past the immigration station

After clearing immigration and customs, a 5 hour journey to Punta del Este.

Look a hill in a flat countryside.

The road was not bad and some truck traffic as we drive during the day. And yes I am driving here, it’s a 5 speed, but so happy to be able to drive again.

Yep, am driving in Argentina

For me road trips are very meditative, as on this one was the other driver, Dj, navigator and a few other jobs. My companion likes to drive as much as I do, so it all works very nicely.

The roller coaster bridge, Punta del Este

My impressions of this city are varied. This place is a combination of Venice, CA and Miami Beach, with a rate of exchange that translates to a very expensive experience.

Yes it is beautiful in the same way the Hamptons are beautiful or Venice and Santa Monica. In my mind definitely an Americsn ethos.

The backyard view at the hotel, Posada de los Pájaros

And OMG, the experience was more expensive than South Beach, Miami Beach!!!

And the view from the room, Posados de los Pájaros

But yes so pretty, and the beaches truly are beautiful. The water is cold as it is the Atlantic close to Antarctica.

Beach at low tide

In my travels, getting a PCR and or a Antigen test is mandatory. Same is true in Uruguay, as we had to return to Argentina.

Ironically in Argentina and the USA, was able to get the tests done free of charge as they were sponsored by their governments, Uruguay not a free option, had to pay $80 US dollars per person. Again Ouch!!!

As with any travel experience, always be aware of what you are receiving and how you are being impacted and how you impact any area.most importantly, is this the experience you want to have? Is the place a good value ? And my favorite, are you having any fun? Is the food good?

Whale tale at Punta de
Los manos de Punta del Este and me.

Answering these questions, for me puts Uruguay in perspective. Been there, Done that !!!! Abrazo grande

The setting sun on the final day.


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