Starting to travel again.

Yes, the world has changed.

While traveling is now an option, the extra paperwork required, does slow you down. In Florida where I recently visited, the corvid 19 test is now a drive in test. In Argentina it is a test that is performed at a lab, and not from your car.

Spending a couple of weeks in the Miami area was a bit of a shock, after living in Buenos Aires for almost 2 years. Every thing moves so rapidly in the US. In Argentina, everything is slow. Perhaps, I am living in an altered state, but continue to explore my world and shoot fotos and post. Let me know how you are!!!

Abrazo y besitos

Landing in Miam Viewpoint
The Port of Miami at dusk
The vista in Delray Beach
My favorite pastrami sandwich at
3′ Gs in Delray Beach
Air Museum, Lakeland Florida
Dancing at Manny y Fabiola’s Friday Night Milonga, Pompano Beach
Art Walk in South Beach Miami
Night life in South Beach
George Segal sculpture at Perez Museum in Miami
Street life in Delray Beach
Free Parking
Air Museum, Lakedale, Florida
La’Ideal Milonga, Miami
Bark detail
Viewpoint Miami Beach
Delray Beach
Yes, tango at Miami Airport


2 thoughts on “Starting to travel again.

  1. Ah yes Miami!!! Loved the pics and tango at the airport!! And better you were in the sun than in the NW with very wet dark and cold days!

    TRUE THAT!!!


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