OMG …time does fly

Andes mountains near Tumpangato

Today is early October and have not posted in a bit as have been busy with traveling in Argentina.

Interìor of Bodega Rutini
A roadside cafe

And as I discovered on all my recent road trips, it is not only a beautiful country, but the landscape is varied as well.

The created lake at Potrerillos, in the mountains
The area around Maipu

In mid August, my first road trip was to Lobos. Located approximately 4 hours southwest of the city, in the middle of nowhere is this huge lake. (Spanish is lagoon)

Sunset from my hotelroom in Tupangato
A viewpoint looking at the Andes

And just returneď Mendoza which is wine country here. Spent almost 2 weeks staying at various hotels, in the many small towns in the Ucco Valley and the lower elevations of the Andes.

Termal pools in Cachueta
A street corner in Cordoba

Maipu, San Rafael, Tupungato, Potrerillos, Cacheuta, Villa Dolores, Villa Mercedes, Cordoba, Miramar, Mar Chiquita, San Nicholas.

Showcasing the terroir of the wine
Dining room at Casa Vigil

These are some of the towns and cities that…some are tongue twisters and some are easy to say and difficult to remember.

Cabernet franc grapes growing
Barrels stored in Casa Sophenia, Maipu

One of the things, that I discovered was in most of the provincias of Argentina, siesta is sacred. Towns are totally closed from 2 to 5 pm. Such a wonderful old fashioned and time honored tradition. And can be annoying, but somehow always found a place of interest. Turns out, ice cream stores/cafes are always open during siesta…can’t say why butits something to be learned and appreciated.

Sunset over Mar Chiquta salt lagoon
Old Railroad bridge no longer used near Pueblo del Rio

The other quirk, I have come to love about traveling in Argentina is, most folks don’t have GPS on their phones…not sure why, but probably because it costs more data.

The mascot of El Enemigo – Casa Vigil
Cabajos along the road

The GPS here is people. You stop someone on the street and say Muchacho…Can you tell me where a good place for coffe is? Then a conversation ensues that can last a minute or 10.

So many choices…
View from the mountains outside Cordoba

So many more places to explore in this country I have chosen to call home for while. Abrazo


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