New Horizons

Road trip fotos from the top Entre Rios, Corrientes to Missiones provinces

Life here in the city has started to change, the trees are starting to leaf out. The flowers are thinking of blooming. In some parks, the grass has been mown.


My life is changing too.

As I am now able to travel in Argentina, have started to do so. Each time has been in a different direction. Went south to the beaches of Mar del Plata in the winter. Explored a bit southwest to the lagoon de Lobos. This time it started with going north in search of thermal hot springs to the province of Entre Rios.

Top The towns all have these beautiful and colorful sign.
Middle Night time in the town of Gualeyguachu with lights reflected in the rio..
Bottom a funky roadside cafe in Tigre

We set out to discover the thermal waters of the towns of Federacion, Colon, Gualeyguachu and other small towns in the Entre Rios province which is located northwest of Buenos Aires.

Top Nightime along the rio in Tigre
Middle Amazing where we found a Tango studio in Federacion.
Bottom The huge grain silos from Corrientes province

After the thermal springs, we decided to continue going north to the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to Igualzu Falls. The reason being the area is tropical rainforest, so not as hot as it will be in another month. But more importantly as Argentina is still closed to tourism, the large crowds of people will not be there or the roads crowded.

The Igualzu Waterfalls.
The falls are amazing and loud. But not as much water as in the past.

Driving is my favorite way to discover a sense of place. The roads in this province are mostly two lanes, but sometimes turning into single lane highways, called carreteras. Double lanes are called auto pistos.

The two things you can count on Argentine roads are the tolls and frequent stopping at the various types of police stops. There are the local police, regional police, and federales and the health police at most province crossings.

Different food options bottom is a parrilla…Argentina barbecue.

As I was primarily the navigator, DJ and maker of reservations for hotels, I found myself napping and writing a bit, a role that is new for me. And of course the constant…talking and thinking in Espanola.

Walking to school in Posadas

Having discovered the differences in language is like discovering the moon.

My favorite hotel, Tupac Lodge at Igualzu falls, right on the rio Paraguay

People are so reflective of their language. Americans and most English speakers are very direct and don’t have much patience. A single word describes a situation.

Visited this geode mine in a town
called Yo Wanda

Spanish, especially Argentinean Español is so much like the people. There are anywhere from 2 to 5 ways to describe a situation, with kindness and patience being the primary attributes. Taking the time, yopisto. How to have a coffee with a friend, and it lasts 2 hours and no telephones are in sight.

Last night of trip in Colon on the rio

Going from a triple type A person is an incredible gift, enjoying the simple pleasures and being calm and patient are a wonderful gift to learn…

Fast moving storm over Posadas

Enjoy the road trip.

Besos y abrazo


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