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Lagoon de Lobos

It’s hard to believe I’ve been living in this city for a year and 8 months.  Not being able to travel anywhere in this country has been a very different experience.  As usually when you live in a place, there are the occasional road trips.

Road trip

Well yes now am available to travel in this country as my temporary residencia was granted to me on July…

City View

This has been fabulous. As I have not seen much of this country except will admit I know the city of Buenos Aires really well especially the Barrios of Recolecta, Palermo, Belgrano, San Telmo, Montserrat, Congresso,Villa Crespo and Micro Centro. But there are many Barrios in the city…are almost a 100 now. So more explorations of the city are definitely needed.

Beach at Miramar

So have now taken a couple of road trips with a friend…wonderful experiences.

Road trip

There are no super highways here only two lane highways called auto piste, as they are toll roads and very well maintained.

Looking down the tracks to Mar del Plata

The views from the car windows are reminiscent of many other places…Texas or Northern California come to mind. Miles of nothing. Lots of cows grazing in the fields. Groupings of trees dot the landscape. And the smells of the country…cow shit and fresh air.

Road trip

The clouds are low in the sky today as the weather is really winter. It’s 48 f or 8 c. Looks like rain clouds, but probably will not rain.

Road trip

We are returning from the coastal city of Mar del Plata. About 400 km south of Buenos Aires. Medium sized city on the Atlantic Ocean. Experienced the ocean by walking the beach and listening to the gentle slapping of the water on the shore. Was devine. Spending a week exploring many places in this port town. Found a few amazing vistas, lots of sea lions, and many fleet of fishing boats in multitudes of colors. The Argentina fleet are usually painted a shade of orange or red.

The fishing fleet
Residents at rest low tide

The city of Mar del Plata is a bustling city with curantine rules in place, most hotel only have 40% occupation. The restaurants seem to have larger occupancy…but discovered a few flavorful restaurants eating lots of fish and some meat. Even found a clandestine restaurant with food from India. I am thinking the food folks in this city are a bit more adventurous and willing to try out new flavors,but again like in BsAs the portions are huge, so was lucky as we split everything and never starved.

Lagoon at hotel in Lobos

The first trip was to a city called Lobos. About 2 hours drive southwest of Buenos Aires. There is a large lagoon there, in the middle of nowhere. People come for the recreation on the lake. Swimming, camping, boating and fishing. Lots of family time.

It was here in the middle of winter I discovered the Spa hotel. A lovely hotel with an Indoor heated pool. OMG what heaven with the cold weather we are experiencing.

As a woman who used to love to ski in 25 degree weather, I have turned into.a weather wimp. I remember laughing at my Dad when he moved to live in Florida full time. But now I understand, as this is my 2nd winter in Argentina.

View from hotel in Mar del Plata

Not as cold as the Northwest, but when the winds blow up from is very cold.

Cliffs south of Mar del Plata

Remind me of the weather from the Fraser River if you live in Seattle and it’s environs. Very strong and very cold windsand weather.

Lighthouse in Mar Del Plata

Finding life very good as I discover more of Argentina, am hoping to do a few more road trips during August.

On the road….love those words.

Sunset Lagoon de Labos

Abrazo grande

La Vida es bueno – Life is good


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  1. Thanks for the tour!! It was lovely to see!! Glad you are well and hope to see you but not until it’s safe for you to travel!


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