New protocols in Buenos Aires

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Down the block

Now. New restrictions and new protocols are being put in place. By now maybe you have heard the news about the virus and Argentina. 

And it is not good. Earlier in the week the number of infected cases rose to 24, 000 and yesterday was  36, 000. Argentina is in the middle of it’s 2nd wave of corvid 19 infections.

As of tomorrow Saturday May 21 there is a a renewed push by the president of Argentina and all the regional governors and the city of BsAs to reduce these numbers drastically.

The way the governments have chosen to do this is a return to the strict protocols of last year. These new protocols are in effect until May 31.

Delivery only

We can only shop in our neighborhoods. Again the food store and pharmacies will stay open, but most other retail will be closed. Closed are gyms, clothing stores and the malls Malls have been closed for a while. No gatherings of any sort.
The restaurants and cafes on the streets are only open for delivery or take out. You cannot be out on the street past 6pm.

Now, perhaps a bit of better news. Two of those days of restrictions, Monday and Tuesday are a holiday here, 24th y 25th de mayo.  The holiday is known as First Patriotic Government created to commemorate the 1810 revolution the first Argentine government and Independence from Spain.
Among most local business, the closure 3 or 4 days out of 10 days as many stores are closed on Sunday.
And the weekend of June 5th & 6th again business where folks can gather will be closed.
Am hopefully the slow recovery that I have been seeing will not  be impacted so badly. 

In Argentina with the cooler weather upon us, the need to bring the cases down is crucial. As has happened in the Northern Hemisphere, the virus proliferates with the colder weather and the indoor environment.

The vaccination process here is slow as the delivery of the vaccine is still sporadic. Right now, the recently signed agreement with the manufacturers of the Sputnik vaccine allows for this vaccine to be made in Argentinean medical labs.   I have been told, the medical laboratories in Argentina are among the finest in the world. Recently Argentina received COVID 19 vaccines thru the COVAX deal will receive almost 2 million doses. In Argentina many more vaccines are in need. As of today, less than 10% of the 44 million people have been vaccinated

Currently I am in the process of getting my temporary residencia. This process will allows me to live here for 6 or more months a year without having to leave every 3 months to get a visa. In January 2021, I started my immigration paperwork. This process is long and arduous. In these times, getting any paperwork from any government takes of time. Nowadays because of receiving this certificate I was allowed to get vaccinated.

Understandably, the US Embassy both here in Argentina and elsewhere in the world are unable to help out with vaccinating the citizens who choose to live abroad. Ironically we pay our taxes and can vote, but cannot get a vaccine. Somehow that does not seem proper, especially in these new times of the virus.

Will update when more information is available..

Till then, un abrazo grande.


2 thoughts on “New protocols in Buenos Aires

  1. Wow, that’s too bad, locking down again. I’m sorry.
    We went to the mainland on Saturday, and vaccinated people were allowed unmasked in the Skagit Valley Coop. We took ours off for about 3 minutes, then it felt too weird and exposed, so we put them back on. Plus, I really didn’t want anyone to think I was Republican!
    Life continues to be utterly surreal!
    Xoxoxoxoxo Dana


    1. Hola..its only until May 30th…so hopefully will be better in a week. Abrazo grande…hmmm i.think wearing a mask should continue for a while…


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