Here we are …again!

As the Northern hemisphere starts on spring, we here in the Southern hemisphere are starting on fall – Otoño.

In the north, everything is blooming, people off all ages are being vacinated and restrictions in some places are lessened, while in other states, new restrictions are being added.

Started this week, here in BsAs, restaurants and bars last seatings are at 10. No travel is allowed between 12 am and 6 am. All borders are now shut to all international travel including Argentineans returning home.

Vaccines are not enough to vacinate the current older population, so less than 10 % of the population has received the vacuna as it is called here. The government rolled out a program, which has vaccinated the population over 80, most medical personal and most teachers.

Weekly, well almost, the vaccine is flown in by Aerolineas Argentinas from Moscow. The doses are packed in special cartons, and I believe with dry ice, as this vaccine has to be kept really cold.

Mostly daily life continues as before but now daily temperatures only reach low seventies and most mornings early temperatures are in the mid 60s.

The leaves have started to fall, but one tropical tree continues to bloom. Having asked locals the name of the tree, and was told it is a Palo borracho or drunk stick tree. The tree reminds me of an hibiscus, and the shape of the flower in my eye is very similar, but the coloring tends from pale pink to pale yellow…very pretty.

The days are shorter, as darkness prevails at 7pm and daylight begins at 6 am. Fortunately the sun still is warm when you close your eyes.

As to my plans, they are very much up in the air. No international travel is allowed, even if you have the correct travel documents.

Tango still exists mostly in our hearts and minds as there are still no sanitary protocols issued from the government for dancing Tango. With the current new restrictions on groups of 10 or more not allowed, tango will not be resuming anytime new. Tango still continues in the parks and in a few tango clubs. I do not dance publically. Occasionally having a friend over at my apartment, am able to continue to dance.

I continue to research and write about the people I meet in Tango. Am publishing a new story monthly on my other website,

Some Tango festivals are happening, some are being postponed. The website, is always being refreshed with the currently known information.

So the current lifestyle continues with Spanish classes 3 times a week, a bit of socializing with friends, a bit of culture with the museums open. Taking a cooking class every other Tuesday night with 2 others in the class. Am wanting to support a new friends endeavor to keep her restaurant space alive by offering classes.

With another friend, we are trying to drink at every Sky Bar in the city, and with this project we are doing an excellent job. I think we have maybe only 2 more places to try.

With careful resiliency and kindness, I continue to explore this beautiful city, I have come to call home. As am hopeful about the future, and somewhat forgetful about the past, I continue to discover the present.

Abrazo grande


2 thoughts on “Here we are …again!

  1. Ah Ruth, Buenas Dias. Pati O. passed your blog on to me as I ask about you each time I’m in Friday Harbor. You are missed! Gallery looks inviting.
    Best of luck in your new adventure and I look forward to seeing it through your eyes.

    Suzi Albrecht


    1. Ahh Thanks Suzi. Started the gallery and my life in Friday Harbor 36 years ago…change is exciting for me and the gallery is in great hands, as I havd mentored Jennifer for 3 plus years….many more adventures await…hugs to you.


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