The Return to Normal

Yesterday I was sitting at one of my favorite cafes here in Buenos Aires. Its called Cafe Tabac and is on the corner of Libertador y Colonel Diaz. It’s a very busy intersection. I have been know to walk here from my apartment, it takes about 30 minutes to get here. Along the way, there are a few embassy buildings, a museum or two, a few car dealerships and many parks with large decorative sculpture and many tall stately apartment buildings.

Essentially all the stuff that makes up daily life.

I realized today while looking around me what had been missing, but what was now abundantly clear.

Groups of mothers and children walking from school in their uniforms. Groups of preteens walking together. Boys with other boys sporting their school colors. Young girls looking way to grown up to be teenagers.

The noises created by this group has been missing from the streets of Buenos Aires.

The kids have returned to school. Almost a year later, the lost year continues. It’s hard to imagine how challenging this year, has been for so many families.

Now sitting here as I watch all these people walking by, the woman with their pocket dogs, the delivery guys on their bikes and my favorites, the groups of old man or woman who have been meeting for years for a coffee…all these little moments that represent “normal” life.

Now I realized what was missing. Adding another moment and sound back into the texture of life as seen from sitting at my table on the street in Buenos Aires on a sunny day.

Ahhh…hope we all will see each other in the next while

Abrazo (hugs)

Ruth, yes still in Buenos Aires


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