Wow…it’s been a year. And what a year !!!

Just realized on January 15th this year it has been one year I have lived in Buenos Aires…

Let me take a moment to digest. Where did this year go? Went by so quickly. I lived in lockdown for 5 months. And now love and practice daily, cafe life and eating at restaurants. Never been into cooking much

After 7 months with 3 online classes weekly is understandable. I can navigate the stores, the taxis and the restaurants and am practicing with new and old friends. We meet in ourdoor cafes. Daily I try to practice languages in my cafe life. I insist on speaking Spanish while others get to practice by speaking in English.

I am writing daily in Spanish as I find this process helps me rearrange my thoughts in the required order. Spanish is quite a lyrical and inexact language. There are many degrees and variations of all things.

I think the lyrical quality of the language encourages a more emotional response of its practitioners.

English is not musical. Yes can be lyrical, but it is more of an exacting even prcise language. Isn’t this why English is the language of science and other exacting process. Medicine? Mathematics?

Besides Spanish have loved living in a city, as I am able to practice the 15 minute city. This means I can shop for, meat or chicken, fruits and vegetables, pharmacy, cobbler, tailor and almost anything else I need within 15 minutes of my house. Am in heaven. Have even figured how to get my groceries delivered to my apartment.

My favorite life expression or reminder is. We have no future and no past. Only living in the moment. I know it took me along time to learn this. This is a skill I do not want to unlearn.

There still is no tango in the city, some in the province.

Am still unsure of my return to the states, will depend of the vacine rollout here, as the US Embassy is not able to help out with this. So I wait, and will stay healthy. Been told better choices will be here in March, as now the only choice is the Russian vaccine.

Look forward to travel again… I dearly miss the adventure as I now reside in BsA.

Abrazo grande



2 thoughts on “Wow…it’s been a year. And what a year !!!

  1. I cannot believe it has been a year….everything feels different I think, no matter where we are residing. This opportunity to be truly with ourselves is not to be overlooked. Your writing feels like spring. So much beauty getting ready to blossom all around. Miss you!
    xo Laurie


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