AND now we begin again…Happy New Year

Just wanting to take a moment to acknowledge all the wonderful people in my life and say Thank you for being there.

Slowly realizing that the world is not yet open for travel, I must relish the small events of everyday life like shopping for food as an adventure.

Moments in the delicatessen tasting something new…realizing theses tango shoes are feeling a little off.

Hoping the humidity won’t break 75 today, remembering last night’s torrential rain shower and yet it is still so warm.

Realizing these little things in life are what grieves us. Mothers and fathers feeling each deeply, realizing you are missing your children or even yet …your best friends. You’re miss going traveling, eating, shopping and hanging out wih your best friend. After all who else would say, You look absolutely fantastic in that outfit, but those earrings have to go…and you know that was true and gladly accepted the loan of the earrings…

So no matter what you are doing or whom you are with…just start remembering the little things we have not experienced in a long time. Memories, Gratitude and do much to look forward to later in the years…hugs to all.




2 thoughts on “AND now we begin again…Happy New Year

  1. Ruth, very nice optimistic view, that we don’t notice all the time, but you do, just like say about your photography. Love BO.


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