Day 265 Quarantine

View from Sky Bar

Amazing, the weather has turned to Primavera, spring, here in South America.

As you bundle up to stay warm, and social distance wearing your mask and sit in front on your fire eating with your bubble mates, we in South America are enjoying the new found freedoms that the warmth brings.

Breakfast on my balcony

We are able to eat outdoors, the malls have reopened, but you must follow the arrows on the floor and walk in the prescribed manner.

Palermo at night

What I love about this city is the perpetual blue sky…rarely does it have that gray like in the Northwest.

The Jacarandas on Avienda Libertador
National Library

Today am sitting on my balcony reading a book with a little breeze blowing. The street I live on runs east to west with a bit of a small hill, so the breeze starts at the water and works its way up here. My apartment is on the fifth floor, such a great place to observe people without being seen.

From my Balcony on Avienda Montevideo

Seems like some of the North and South street, don’t have a breeze. But as it is 87 degrees F today, am making the most or it.

The forecast is for, (sorry my North American friends) yes sun sun and maybe a shower this week. What amazes me is the humidity…runs as high as 80 %.

Somehow even though it’s high, never feels quite as muggy or as oppressive as New York City or Miami.

Lying around in the parks

But it’s early in the season, still only spring…but I hate to say this, am not complaining but I think my brain stops working at 80. So that’s why I am sitting reading my book on the deck.

Yes I have a project to do…as its getting close to the prime holiday season, have decided to try producing a promotion on Instagram for my recently published photobook/magazine called Why I Dance Tango or Porque Bailo Tango?

For those of you who do not yet own this collection of photos, just want you to know 2 things…

A fresh printing just arrived in the US and have donated all the money from sold books (approximately $ 300 US) to various Tango causes…but we can always do better and do more.

For more info on book click on link below.

Traveling Tango


So we will dance again, maybe January or February or March. Nothing is for sure or predetermined…after all is Argentina.

Outside the Museum of Decorative Arts

Till we meet again, stay safe, stay warm and be grateful for all we ar blessed with…

Besitos y Abrazos


2 thoughts on “Day 265 Quarantine

  1. Ruth,
    Thank you for this beautiful glimpse into another world! Here in the PNW, we are counting the days until Solstice and a return to light.
    Can’t wait until we meet again.


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