Day 242 More or Less, Maybe Still, Quarantine continues..

Am writing this from my apartment on Montevideo in Recoleta, Buenos Aires. The weather is  beautiful, 75 degrees and maybe 60% humidity and allergy season has begun. The Jacaranda trees are starting to bloom. They are all over this city, tall and elegant, black bare branches with purple blooms.

Remembering the differences in the North and South America is important now, as we here in the South have been under Quarantine since middle of March. And now in North America, you are starting to experience more quaranting, we are living in a very different world for the next couple of years.

In Buenos Aires, we only began to be allowed to eat outside in August, and recently now in November, indoor seating is a available.  Malls and museums have opened in a limited manner.

If you look around the city, traffic is snarlingly slow at some times and totally open at others.

I do not take the collectivos [buses] as I used to, as they are still reserved for essential workers. I take taxis in the street and continue to walk alot in this city as it is flat.

Spring has definitely arrived, my geraniums on my balcony are prolifically bloomy as is a small tree. I love sitting there in the early morning having my breakfast…and trying to get a little sun, as I am so pale.

I walk the city alot, and one of the places I end up in is Puerto Madera. It’s the most contemporary and un BsAs as it all glass towers and lots of corporate offices for many international companies

Am still loving this city, especially since hopefully in December, international tourism might begin…we shall see.

Between the hopes of the vaccine, more and better testing and an election in the US, the world seems a little brighter.

And have started going on walks at night, and doing some night photos, just for a change of view. This old Catholic church was built in 1850, and sits conveniently bext door to the beautiful and haunting Recoleta cementary where Evita is buried…definitely a place to see.

So here’s to thinking of you as we are scattered all over the world.

We will survive these pandemic years, and possibly emerge smarter, or at least a bit more aware and maybe with a different perspective than when we started.

Abrasoz y Besitos

5 thoughts on “Day 242 More or Less, Maybe Still, Quarantine continues..

  1. Lovely. The weather here in Los Angeles is similar. I love the jacaranda trees there are some streets here where they create a canopy and in full bloom the scene is a serene purple…..but man are they messy. What’s that drink?? Stay safe. xxxooo tim


    1. Hola…yes would agree the trees are beautiful but what a mess. The drink is from my favorite bar around the corner, it is a Pantagonia…vodka, juices,and something else? And an decicated orange…so pretty


  2. Fantastic photos. Yes this to shall pass. You are making the best of it!!! Drink looks and sounds divine!!! I’m going to give it a try! Raining here. So happy. Much needed. R dyed part of his hair purple yesterday. !!! Keep up the great work. Stay healthy, safe. Love to you, jill


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