Days 204 – 207 Still….

This morning we learned our quarantine was extended another two weeks, until October 25th. The city of Buenos Aires aka CABA has been able to bring down the numbers for the virus, but 18 of the outlying provinces has seen an increase and their hospitals are almost to capacity.

Sitting here at a cafe, looking around me. It is almost as if the city has returned to normal…things are being fixed, people are biking on newly created bike lanes, babys pushed in strollers are out in droves and most stores are closed today, Saturday.

I believe we are all suffering from some sort of pandemic fatigue. We have all spent so much time on our own…we wear our masks, we socially distance ourselves, yet what we crave the most, we cannot have. Human touch.

Am starting to hear stories of quarantined couoles who are getting divorced,  and others who are carry coronavirus babies.

And for some of us, all we want is to embrace and dance Tango. To embrace again, to sit at a Milonga with friends and chat, and dance and drink. That’s the lifestyle of Tango that I miss.

Just got some delightful news, on Sunday in San Telmo, there will be a public outdoor protest Milonga…to show the government that Tango is such an important part of the economy. The government has paid subsidies to many parts of the economy,  ie self employed, clerks in stores, bus drivers etc, but not to the tango community of performers,  choreographers, DJs, the  band members or the many folks who staff the show halls and the Milongas …the  waitresses, the ticket takers and all the behind the scenes, the folks who keep the show going for all the visitors who travel to Argentina and know that they  must attend a Tango show as that to most is Argentina.

This blog, continued a few days  later and as this is Argentina, we walked the park looking for a protest milonga, and all we found was another lost group of tangeros, but no official milonga meet up and a stand up comic performing in the amphitheater.

And today, Thursday sitting at this wonderful restaurant bar around the corner from where I live called El Presidente Bar. It’s quite beautiful outdoors setting with both high and low tables set up on the  street. Am sitting under a tree with lights strung up over the sidewalk, have ordered an old Fashioned and California rolls complete with wasabi…and OMG they are excellent…so happy to be having different food, even though my skills with chopsticks are not as good as they used to be.

So for now, there is no future and there has been a past, but we really only live today!


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