Things we cannot control…Day 156 More & Less Quarantine…

Today is day 150 of more and less Quarantine.

Hard to believe we have been at this for so many days.

In these times, we as both a society and individuals have learned more about the coronavirus, other peoples behavior, what truth we believe in and what we as individuals call happiness.

What is your happiest memory? Is it with family? A breakthrough on a subject that you found difficult? Pursuing a relationship that started the same time as the pandemic? Figuring out something that has changed your quality of life?

Dancing makes me very happy!

Is this a simple question ? Is your answer based on a smell? A touch? A thought? A person? A place? A chance encounter?

Nowadays, many of us now have the previously elusive, plenty of time on our hands… Are you exploring new questions ? Maybe even looking at many questions and answers from a different perspective?

Now, the future is incapable of being predicted. Always was, but now I feel much less in control then ever before.

And my prepective is in a state of flux, as is my emotions. Realizing how little I am in charge of…is well unearthing. I strive to keep myself physically, mentally and emotionally in good health, but lately I find this harder to do.

What has sustained you? What have you missed ?

For me this situation is very different as I am have chosen to live in another country. So have experienced lots ofchanges but find learning new skills has sustained me in these times. My Spanish is very improved, my yoga practice, reading ( found a bookstore that sells books in English)sustain me. I look forward my daily walks,making my new friends and taking the time to explore and expand friendships. Daily chatting with friends is a must. Realizing we are no longer in charge of our lives to a certain degree is unnerving and an awakening. Now we take 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back. Good and bad. Black and white or color.

Still want to sit at a an outdoor cafe.

Another food for thought or conversation stater. This shall continue continued in conversations…

What are your thoughts? Your experiences? Perhaps let start a conversation…In words? In photos? or Get in touch and lets catch!

Look forward, Besitos y Abrazos


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