Day 135 – Less Quarantine

Wow…to think about all the changes the world is enduring.

Intimacy has taken a huge blow. Isolation causes us to rethink so many things…our careers, our lives and our worlds, which have shrunk in size.

We only look to the present and remember the past…the future we are trying to reinvent or remember what it is we wanted to discover or forget.

Me, I have spent this time learning new software, and a new language. The new software involves creating and building a new website.

The language am learning is Espanol Argentinean style. Feeling as if have been modestly successful with both my projects.

Am very proud of my photobook magazine project and you will hear more about this on the new website I am creating.

Here in Buenos Aires just as the numbers are peaking in infections, the country is loosening the quarantine restrictions. Last sunday, while the parks are still closed, there were so many people were out walking. Children running around, being chased by their parents and running wild on their scooters.

Cars and bus traffic almost felt as it was when everything closed in March. Now in a cab, there is a plastic barrier between the front seats and back seats.

Unfortunately the business community here, will pay for the closures, as will business both large and small around the world.

Walking down Avenida Sante Fe, a major shopping street, would estimate 5 out of 20 stores are closed. Restaurants only do take away, or have recently seen a couple of tables pop up on the sidewalks in front of restaurants, but no chairs. Not encouraging lingering.

Next week, parks will be open. Close to my apartment is the Japanese Gardens and another beautiful outdoor arboretum. Will be fun to explore these new places, as I know Recoletta and it’s streets very well. I know at least 2 butchers, 2 bakeries, countless places for good wine and chocolate.


3 thoughts on “Day 135 – Less Quarantine

  1. So enjoy hearing from you and being able to “see” where you are and what you’re doing. Miss you and Friday Harbor hugely. Quarantine is not fun in Seattle or anyplace else. Considering driving up on the back road to Anacortes next week to find my favorite raspberry stand so I can make some jam. How’s that for excitement. Susan Phinney


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