Still in Argentina – Day 88 Quarantine

Have been thinking more about adventures as sitting here on my couch in this apartment on Guido Street in Recoletta, Buenos Aires.

What adventures? Ah yes, to walk to the market or farmacy or perchance walk further and find another small butcher or vegetable stand. I have spent so much time walking since arriving here in Recoletta in the beginning of March, exploring this part of Buenos Aires, also know as Barrio Norte.

Lots of wonderful small stores to shop in, never going to the large chain markets…wonderful selections and love the recommendations for trying out new foods and wines.

I got to go shoe shopping acouple of weeks ago, and recently the clothing stores have reopened, but you cannot try anything on in the store…and if it doesn’t fit, only store credit is given. Don’t think this will work for me, but love the window displays here.

I love this city, but am sorely missing the ability to sit with a friend and have a coffee or a glass of wine in a public venue with someone taking the order and then cleaning up after we have gone.

Am missing the ability to travel further than my neighborhood to explore. Am missing the discovery of new places, new foods and new people.

Am missing the touch of another human, whether it be an embrace as in Tango or just the reassuring touch of someone’s hand on my shoulder.

Am missing the warmth of summer as now with the Solstice is will officially be winter here in South America and summer in North America. 

Am thinking I too have the coronavirus blues…this virus withs so many unknowns can make up crazed…washing hands religiously, wearing masks, not only to protect ourselves but not to intentionally spread disease to others and keeping our social distancing intact.

And brrr the wind of the River Plato can be as brisk as the offshore breeze in the Northwest. The trees are not quite bare yet, but so many leaves on the sidewalks and the streets. Here merchants sweep their sideawalks daily while the city sweepers do the streets…then a gust of wind redistributes the leaves again…love that there are none of those loud leaf blowers here, only the human powered kind.

Am starting to think of returning to Northwest. There is no regularity of flights on repatriation…still a bit early as normal airline flights are now scheduled to begin in September.


One thought on “Still in Argentina – Day 88 Quarantine

  1. Hi Ruth. Nice to see the pictures from BA in winter. Here in Sweden we have full summer. Daylight all night long and hot days so we can finally meet friends outside. But me too miss the tango and the coral. Singing in choirs is said to bee fatal!. Not to speak about dancing tango. Soon we kan travel to certain contries in Europe. France for instance. Hope we can meet again in BA.


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