Day 57 Quarantine

Got to thinking, this has been going on now for 58 days…the Quarentine started in March….it was still summer here.

The seasons are changing. Since am in the southern hemisphere, the next season here is fall. And it is feeling that way.

The days for the most part are still sunny high 60s and sometimes to low 70s. The sky is the most amazing shade of blue at all times. The trees are shedding their leaves rapidly. The street sweepers do their job daily, almost keeping up with the debris piles.

The once deserted streets are coming alive. Heard horns honking yesterday. The cabs are on the street, some of then have stretched clear plastic sheeting between front and back seats. The collectivos (buses) stream down my street, almost empty but racing by. Folks seated with social distancing in the rear of the bus.

There are many delivery services that run on bicycles, motorized bicycles, motorcycles, 3 wheeler motorcycles, cars and vans. These folks mostly young men, deliver a myriad of stuff, groceries, restaurant food, wine and spirits. For many peeps, this a way of life.

For me, been getting out walking every day for things needed or simply wanted. This outdoor walking is what is keeping me sane. Even though the fruit and veggies stand is 4 blocks away, am able to circumnavigate my neighborhood going 6000 steps…the same is true for the farmacia.

As we all suspected, life continues. The difference is now all people are wearing masks as mandated by the government. When walking, people are all more isolated from each other as we no longer can see the emotions on faces…the unexpected momentary connection with a smile as we look at a silly dog, or a very happy child on the street. These shared experiences are now altered by a mask. This saddens me.

Makes me think how so many other little human connections we share on a regular basis will be altered.

Am trying to make my eyes talk …to be calming, to be assured and to say I am human and I am here.


4 thoughts on “Day 57 Quarantine

  1. Nice to see where you are! I always smile beneath my mask and wonder if others do too…….it’s hard to tell. I told someone at the store I was smiling at him when he told me hello……he said he could tell by my eyes. Yay!

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  2. Ruth,
    I appreciate all of your observations.
    As for masks I went to the farmer’s market this morning with Dana and I was moved by people eyes. A young artist, a clay man, whom I have known and liked for a couple of years now, and I made contact, by the eyes mostly, and a muffled voice. This man became more real to me with the eyes. Suddenly he was not ‘he’ but a person whose soul was more present to me without the distraction of the rest of the face.
    This is a special time.


  3. Excelentes fotografías. Me gustan tus comentarios sobre la realidad de la Cuarentena y lo que sucede en tu barrio Recoleta.
    Somos casi vecinos, ya que vivo en zona Retiro.
    Te mando un abrazo a la distancia Ruth 🌹🌹🌹🍀


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