Ahhh. It’s Day 47 Quarantine

So do you know what day it is?

Is there any difference?

I know when it’s Wednesday as that’s the day I change my sheets and drop off the dirty linens to the Lavanderia (laundry). This started when I first moved into this apartment. It was the day the apartment got cleaned and laundry done. I have kept Wednesday’s as an anchor since them!

In my walking around town, am struck by how the seasons are changing from summer to fall.

Most flowers are done blooming, the leave are mounting on the sidewalk. The street sweepers are trying to catch up. The winds blowing the leaves from a careful pile to an uneven mess.

As we are all looking inward, and wondering outward, my photos are looking at the smaller details seen in my daily walks…This used to be a very convivial city with lots of smiles on faces, now you can’t see the faces as they are covered in masks. We are more enstranged than familiar.

Looking down

All the details. All the detritus. All

Cleaning the streets

And one of my favorite ritual happens most nights at 9pm. Dj’ed music in the back of my building is played to show support of all the medicos. It is truly a wonderful sight, neighbors across the balconies hold their phones upright with flash on dance to rhythms of the music. Very wonderful!

Now with time,I keep finding little movements that capture my eye.

Till next time, Abrazo


One thought on “Ahhh. It’s Day 47 Quarantine

  1. Lovely photos! They seem to capture the subdued psyche. It’s getting warmer here, you will have that to look forward to!
    BTW I traveled for months ( ages ago) with the minimal clothing, one silk purple skirt , one pair of pants etc… I came home and threw them all away.


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