Day 31 Quarantine

Ahh…its sunny. I want to take a walk…and for the past 3 days, have been able to do that. Have needed to shop, and get some facemasks that my favorite pharmacist ordered for me.

This is Gaston, lawyer and pharmacist

Now in Buenos Aires, many more folks are on the streets…all wearing masks. Always one or two who don’t!!!

Me before mask
Me with new mask

Traffic was nonexistent is now readily seen on the street. There are lots of empty buses and cabs along the street.

But still pretty quiet and empty

In my neighborhood of Recoletta, shop mostly in small independent shops, on of my favorites, is Gout, a gluten free bakery…the staff are wonderful. When contacted via WhatsApp will put away items for pick up the next day.

These guys are working together 5 to 7bdays a week, keeping the store open.
Amazing Gluten free Limon Pie

There are signs that some things are returning to a normal, but I no longer know what that is. Hard to differentiate the days!

The return of the recycler
Lines to pick up packages
The big gray street garbage bins

Then there are these images that I see that are very contemporary, it’s a slice of life….

Her and his sunning on balcony

And image of faith


And then there’s the odd.

Lost glove

And then there’s found beauty

A close by sculpture park
Park down the street

The thought of the quarantine ending or loosening up next week is awesome. Perhaps stores will open, as have been wearing my summer clothes in layers, and honestly its getting a bit cooler, down to the 50s at night.

View from my apartment

I look forward to having a meal served to me, and having a beverage in public with friends, physically spaced of course, and seeing how tango will return. We will dance again, but with masks and gloves.

2 thoughts on “Day 31 Quarantine

  1. Lovely posting, Ruth! And seeing the returned recycler reminds me of a photo you took of him earlier – I loved that photo; it looked like you transitioned from color to black and white across the photo. It was beautiful. And I was just in the sunny garden, pulling a few weeds, and thinking how I appreciate your positiveness. Thank you for that.

    Love, Dana


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