Day 17 Quarantine

The world has changed quickly. Borders closed, no noise of airplanes flying and very little traffic on the roads…It seems to be working here in Argentina, as if today 1350 reported cases and 45 deaths. Most are imported or imported contact..maybe 8% are local.

My decision to stay here, is based on the fact that weather is warmer, my dollar goes farther and there is a quarantine already in place. Am hopeful with the quarantine in place maybe less people will get sick and die here. I look at the world numbers, and OMG…

For now, we cannot even see all or know what the other side of this pandemic will look like. Eyes wide open. Heart open and remaining positive.

It’s daunting. One day at a time. But whew…we will survive this!!!

Sharing the people that have come into my life while I am here in this beautiful city. Sharing a few photos of a few of my favorites dancers…

I look forward to seeing you all again, may we share a moment together.

Besitos y abrazo

Walking my hall and shadow play

As my apartment is very tiny, am not able to get much walking in so decided to walk the hall down to the elevator. A very small building.

The hallway

And my shopping cart…so important on the days I go out for supplies every 4 or 5 days..

These people are the unsung heroes in BA…they deliver groceries, they wash your laundry, they pick your fruit…the pharmacist who’s has slept in his shop for 14 days.

My fruit vender on Rodriguez Pena
The amazing delivery guys from the supermarket
The taylor across the street seeing masks
Angel, my wonderful manicurist
Mi meastro of Spanish, Ruben
Esteban, one of my favorite tangeros
Julia, the organizer of Sueno Porteno
Lara shoes, these two woman Lau and her Momma are truly fabulous shoemakers
Me, (behind)Villy from Germany, then Finn from Denmark, and Julio from Argentina & Chile

2 thoughts on “Day 17 Quarantine

  1. Ruth — love hearing from you and seeing where you are. Quarantine here is not fun, but thank heaven for phones and computers…getting my place cleaned up and out so it can be painted as soon as painters can work. Susan Phinney


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