And now, as promised the SHOES.

So before this pandemic occurred, was happy camper dancing tango every day. I so look forward to doing this, but in the meantime.

Yes I bought clothes, and my favorite, bought handmade for my feet, gorgeous leather tango shoes.

Feel grateful, that I can still dance in heels, but now they are all much lower height.

And yes, it does make a difference in your dance if you are wearing a heel. Has to do with the positioning of the bodies, heart to heart .

Yes I know, gorgeous…and made for my funky feet with extra padding.

All from a great company here called Lara Shoes…its been a family business for over 40 years and they make the shoes for many other companies.

Feel so lucky to have found them last year.


One thought on “And now, as promised the SHOES.

  1. Gorgeous shoes!!! May they and you dance happily soon!!! All is well here, people are fussy, stores are low on supplies but the weather is getting nice…flowers blooming, birdies singing, frogs are croaking………life reborn is always joyful so it’s easy to stay upbeat. Stay well, safe and happy!! Love, Jaime
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