Shopping for food

So as the temperature has climbed so has my desire for eating more fruit. The choices are good. Whatever you purchase must be consumed in a day or two. The avocados (Palta) are amazing. The bananas are all on the edge of ripe. No green ones either unless you want plantains. The melons and watermelons are the perfect antidote to a hot humid day.

My favorite fruit stand 3 blocks away

Here you shop almost every day for food. Love my neighborhood as it has many fruit stands, small markets run by the Chinese where you can buy anything from dish detergent to wines and booze.

Market down the street

As in my small garden apartment, I have a small kitchen and fridge. Every morning, it is such a pleasure to wake up to my view.

My entrance
The sheltered garden
The street view

And yesterday when walking came across afruit vender on the street who happily posed for his photo!

And of course more dancing

Till next week.

Ciao Ciao