Started to wonder around this huge city with different districts called Barrios. I am living in Montserrat, but 5 minutes away is San Telmo.

It is a beautiful older district with more touristy atmosphere and more cafes…been looking for a cafe to call mine for breakfast and found one.

It’s called La Poesia…originally from the turn of the century, it was and still continues to be a meeting place of the literary crowd.

Such a storied cafe, but one of my favorite things about Buenos Aires is the cafes, as I wonder I will post more.

This week, the weather has been very warm, reaching 95 degrees, it does take getting used to. As I am always walking on the shadier side of the street, ducking into cafes to cool down and have a tea or coffee. Or even better a Whiski cola…and as I normally don’t drink cola, a friend of mine has convinced me of its diuretic properties.

So many beautiful older buildings, always looking in to see what’s hidden inside as this architecture provides a structure that allows the mystery of the interior to be juxtapose d to the exterior.

Imagine the conversations and the people who reside within…I know I do, especially when the house portrays such different characteristics in the glimpse seen if the interior.

And in my walking have seen a few odd and unique images.

The local recycler enjoying the shade
A dog watching and waiting on the pigeons
And I watched this one, couldn’t help myself. Apparently the guy on the motorized 3 wheeler when making his turn, ran into the taxi and now are discussing it.!!!

And of course more dancing almost every day.

Dancing with one of my favorite leads, Alex…muy bien!!