Back Again

Ahh the love affair continues with this city called Buenos Aires.

For me this place is beautiful in cosmopolitan way as is a city, but because of the barrios (sections ie Ballard) has so many flavors.

I am staying in Montserrat, which is an older part of town with beautiful new and old decaying buildings.

Down the street.

Nearby are beautiful parks and government buildings that are very old and ornate

View of Parliament building (I think)

Old tree…that is huge…will have to find out type.

Most days, I’m sleeping for many hours as my body must be catching up on sleep and a cold I think I picked up flying.

In the evenings, yes of course I am going dancing…these are places I have danced before.

So the pleasure is recognizing the peeps you have seen and danced with before and also meeting new ones.

El Beso
Chique Nuevo
New friends from Amsterdam, Yaap & Ingrid

The milongas are a bit less filled with peeps, as the rate has hurt some locals. But are still wonderful events when friendly.

I try to help out by always buying a bottle of either champagne or Malbec. And as I’m not with my Chicas, I am sharing with my table…make fun.

A fabulous Malbec

So till next week…hugs to sll