Been here for a few days. The rhythm of this city takes a few days to get and it is prevalent.

Yes, its very old, but maintains it’s vibrancy and is alive.

Yes, it is surrounded by water and the sea, and one is aware of it’s history as you walk the bridges over the canals.

Yes, you can get runover by a bike or a scooter if walking in the wrong lane.

Yes, there is much diversity in the people.

Yes, the design sense and usage of materials is both provocative and edgy.

Yes, it is a city that sells sex, pot and is intoxicating to many people in its freedoms, both metaphoric and real.

Yes, as the city itself is old, a lot of the tourists who visit are very young.

Yes, its a fabulous spot to visit and will return as its a wonderful city to live in.


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