Van Gogh and the Concertgebouwplein

A day filled with soul both visual and musical.

Museum is filled with people visiting, overwhelmingly busy and beautiful artworks, and the correspondence between the two brothers, Theo and Vincent.

No picture taking is allowed, but witnessed countless people just taking them. I did sneak in one or two.

And there was a Banksy nearby!!!

And now to the concert hall to listen to some very unique work by a woman Russian composer, Sofia Goebaidoelina – Offertorium, concerto for violin and orchestra composed in 1980. I had never hear of her before. Very unique piece of music, and then a Brahms – Symphony No. 4 in E minor, op. 98

And with your paid admission, at a beverage of your choice was served at intermission.

Great big beautiful old hall.

This video installation was a great complement to the old fashioned portraits and bronzes all on display.

The piece is called, One Hand Clapping


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