Almost the Holidays

Now early December, and I remembered I started this site.

What a year its, been took me months to recover from my broken ankle. I broke 2 out of the 3 bones in my ankle. I am the proud recipient of 11 screws and a plate. The good news is . In June, I started to dance again. Made me so happy. I’m actually better on my feet than I was. All that PT has made my core stronger. This is better for dancing and for me.

Now, Here we are in mid December. Just prior to the gallery’s annual winter hiatus, I’m looking back.  This year it has been pretty tumultuous. My father, Nathan Offen, a Holocaust survivor died in late September, after his disease AMS, was no longer treatable. He put up a valiant fight, but in the end succumbed to this horrible disease. I miss him. He was 94. just 2

This photo was taken in April at one of those beautiful bird sanctuaries in Delray Beach.

More later.


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